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Chanel 31 bag black handbag gold

Original price was: $3,590.00.Current price is: $195.88.

Retro cowhide leather, practical capacity, one bag can hold multiple items!

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King bomb large Chanel 31 bag black handbag gold?Fashion representative!

31bag classic reappearance! Fashionable as always!

Chanel 31 bag black handbag gold Details:

?Two sizes, large and mini, to meet the needs of sisters with different styles~ Large size is super cool and super cool, mini is cute and charming

?This chocolate brown is also a treasure color, the most recommended color besides black, the real thing is very durable and high-end!

?Vintage cowhide leather, the capacity is also practical and touching, one bag can be carried multiple times!

Size: 35x39x8cm


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